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Quality Dried Sea Cucumber for sale

We supply and export the best of sea cucumber from the Red Sea around the world. we export various types of sea cucumber such as: black fish, black sand fish, pickled fish, green fish, day fish, pomegranate fish, black spiny fish, gastric fish, stonefish, tala fish, white sand fish, white teat fish, yellow sand fish, pyhon fish, elephant truck fish, black skin, tan chau fish, curry fish, lollipop brown fish in different packages.

Grade A Quality Dried Sea Cucumber

size: large size: a
. length: 8 - 9 cm maximum per piece
b. width: maximum 2-3 cm per piece
c. pieces: 60 - 85 pieces per kilo
medium size: a
. length: maximum 4 - 5 cm per piece
b.- width: a maximum of 1.5 - 2.5 cm per piece
c.- pieces: 86 - 110 pieces per kilo
small size:
a.- length: a maximum of 3 - 4 cm per piece
b.- width : 1-2 cm maximum per piece
c.- pieces: 111 - 130 pieces per kilo
percentage: a.- large size: 40%
b. - medium size: 50%
c. - small size: 10%

Contact us below:

Call or text +1 (978) 225-0960 Or

WhatsApp: + 1 (678) 459-5143

Email us at to place your order.

Skype: ashewepen77


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